Wax Melts


Image of Wax Melts

These beautiful scented wax melts are a perfect way to relax in your home. Each scent blend is prepared on a per batch basis and is designed to give a beautiful, welcoming scent throw. Each melt weighs approximately 0.75-1 oz.

Blueberry Pie - a blue melt with spiced blueberry tart scent and blue and copper glitter.

Lemon Meringue Pie - a yellow tart with a sweet lemon scent and neon yellow microglitter and gold shimmer.

Peach Pie - a peach tart with a sweet peach coconut pie scent with gold shimmer and copper glitter.

Cranberry Kettlecorn - a red melt with a cranberry popcorn scent and red shimmer.

Crumb Top Apple Pie - a red melt with a cinnamon sugar apple scent and topped with gold and caramel colored glitter.

Gingerbread House - a brown melt with gingerbread scent and rainbow glitter.

As with all candles, please do not use wax melts unsupervised and use in an open location free from flammable objects.

Strength of scent is subject to personal preference. Some users may prefer to cut the wax melts in half before melting for a lighter scent throw.


  • Blueberry Pie
  • Lemon Meringue Pie
  • Peach Pie
  • Crumb Top Apple Pie
  • Cranberry Kettlecorn
  • Gingerbread House


Image of Wax Melts Image of Wax Melts Image of Wax Melts Image of Wax Melts